Wind Power Puts Solar Cell Maker on Course to Generate Own Energy

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Byline: Aled Blake

NEXT generation solar manufacturer G24 Innovations (G24i) is on course for its factory at its Cardiff site to become energy self-sufficient.

The Cardiff-based company has been granted planning permission to erect a 2.5MW wind turbine at its site, in the Wentloog area of the city.

G24i expects the turbine to generate enough green electricity to power G24i's 187,000 sq ft site and possibly a significant number of surrounding homes and businesses.

Cardiff City Council has given full approval for the project, which is expected to be completed this year.

The company became the first in the world to produce commercial-grade Dye-Sensitised Thin Film (DST) cells in October, marking the commercialisation of more than 18 years of research and development.

It was recognised as having the potential for "the largest impact in improving the environment" at the renewable industry's Rushlight Awards in December.

Eliot Abel, G24i's sustainability programmes manager, said, "We have worked incredibly hard to become a 100% 'green' factory and are delighted to have now received full permission to realise this dream.

"We have the backing of the local government and environmental groups.

"G24i has also been in talks with Cardiff City Council and Techniquest about developing an environmental learning centre for students and the general public at our site.

"The centre would explore all forms of renewable energy and their role in helping to address climate change and the wind turbine would certainly be a central feature."

A deal for G24i's mobile phone chargers, centred around the revolutionary DST technology has been made with a company in Kenya. G24i has a strategy to first target markets in the developing world, where people in remote areas have little access to reliable power sources. …