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WHAT is most impressive about this women's event is the trophy that ishanded to any player who wins the title three times in five years: a goldenracquet, encrusted with diamonds and worth around [pounds sterling]750,000. Big names set totake to the hard courts of Antwerp this year include local favourite JustineHenin (pictured) and Slovakian Daniela Hantuchova.

Live coverage of the second round comes from the impressive Sportpaleis.

HIGHLIGHTS from Vigo in Spain of the 11th round of the World Cup season.Ireland's Jessica Kurten has been riding high, having already scored victoriesat the German meeting in Leipzig and at London Olympia, and has come into 2008in flying form.

RICHARD PRYOR: COMIC ON THE EDGE, 7pm, Biography DICK GREGORY, one of the fewblack comics on U.S. TV before Richard Pryor's debut in 1964, describes him asone of only three comedy geniuses, along with Mark Twain and Lenny Bruce.

Packed with clips, this profile TENNIS: PROXIMUS DIAMOND GAMES, 11am, BritishEurosport SHOWJUMPING: WORLD CUP, 5.50pm, British Eurosport

REAPER, 9pm, E4 FILM: THE TRUTH ABOUT CATS AND DOGS, 8pm, Sky Comedy SHOWS likeReaper are often in danger of falling into the 'baddie of the week' trap andneed real chemistry between characters to stay fresh. The X Files had a similarissue, but it worked because of the fizz between Mulder and Scullywhile this U.S. fantasy comedy seems to be planting plot seeds to ensure viewerinterest. The Devil A SWEET retread of Cyrano de Bergerac. Janeane Garofalo isthe plain jane radio vet, Uma Thurman is her pretty neighbour and Ben Chaplin(pictured below with Thurman and Garofalo) is the very nice Brit who phones inhis part.

Mistaken identities and missed opportunities abound as he has to figure outwhich woman he's actually in love with.

explores the trailblazing career of the comic from Peoria, Illinois.


BUILDING THE ULTIMATE HOUSE, 9pm, Discovery Real Time NOT a million miles fromGrand Designs (and that's no bad thing), AS THIS odd series returns, the firstcandidate for dietary reform is Nat. The teenager wants to become a chef andhas a passion for cuisine. However, she won't eat anything without burntsausages in it. With Nat about to move in with her boyfriend, the team havefour weeks to break her habit. …