New Psychology Programmes at Trinity College

Article excerpt

Trinity College Carmarthen's School of Education Studies and Social Inclusion is launching three new psychology programmes for 2008.

Undergraduate degrees in psychology and inclusive studies have been developed to meet demand in this increasingly popular area in the UK's university sector, and the Graduate Certificate in adolescent psychology will be aimed at those working with young people in a variety of professional settings.

Dr Daphne Evans said: "Psychology is the scientific study of people and behaviour, therefore the degree programme will be uniquely placed to support a variety of career pathways.

"It will provide students with insights into a broad range of fields within psychology including introductory and advanced courses in cognitive, social, lifespan development and psychobiology, as well as a range of scientific methods used in exploring human behaviour.

"The combined programme of psychology and inclusive studies has been created for students who wish to study selected fields within psychology and explore wider contemporary social and educational issues."

The Graduate Certificate in adolescent psychology is part of the College programme of Continuing Professional Development and provides those who are working with young people the opportunity to study the transitional period between childhood and adulthood in depth. …