Expert: Village Should Settle Problems Behind Closed Doors

Article excerpt

Byline: Larissa Chinwah

Could talks behind closed doors, away from cameras, the media and the public eye, help Carpentersville trustees iron out hostilities and bury acrimonious feelings once and for all?

A public administration expert says yes.

Village officials on Monday said Gerald Gabris, a professor in the public administration division at Northern Illinois University, suggested trustees meet in executive session to address problems among the seven-member board.

Gabris, who made the suggestion at the village's strategic planning session on Saturday, would not comment Monday.

"We argue over petty stuff and we need to start being more efficient in handling matters that should be relatively routine," Village President Bill Sarto said. "Things need to be minimalized so everything is not an argument and contentious."

Village Manager Craig Anderson said an exception to the state's Open Meetings Act would allow the board to meet in closed session to deal with matters of self-evaluation, practices and procedures or professional ethics. …