Report Released on Ethical Business Practices for Health Professionals

Article excerpt

A report released by the Woodstock Theological Center at Georgetown University--Ethical Considerations in the Business Aspects of Health Care--states that " care professionals must acquire or develop their own maps, compasses, and other tools to help them find their own path through the ethical mazes they will confront."

After 2 years of study and four major conferences, members of the health care community and academia compiled the report to offer "evaluations and recommendations for health care professionals in the difficult ethical issues and questions that they face in the business aspects of their practice on a daily basis." This study was funded by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

"This latest report of Woodstock's Seminar on Business Ethics accurately describes recent innovations in the provision of health care, pinpoints the key dilemmas, identifies the values involved, and gives excellent advice to practitioners from the experience of the outstanding professionals who make up the seminar group," said Jesuit Father James L. Connor, director of the Woodstock Theological Center.

After reviewing ethical challenges encountered by health care professionals and the ethical responsibilities of physicians, nurses, physicians' assistants, therapists, and executives of health care institutions, the report concludes with a practical checklist of questions that health care professionals can and should ask themselves in order to respond to the ethical dilemmas they face in a manner consistent with the highest ethical standards of their profession. …