Racism Denial

Article excerpt

It AMAZES me that we are constantly having to read letters denying the obvious in our society, and particularly in Cape Town.

As soon as a black person writes about racism, there is a spate of letters denying it.

In his letter "White racism thrives" (February 14), Bennie Bunsee was actually criticising the ANC and other members of the black community with regard to the obvious racism in the Cape.

Bunsee was criticising black professionals who should provide quality leadership to the black communities, and what he refers to as "institutional racism" in our various institutions. He was not criticising white people as such, but mentioning a reality of the obvious racial divide in the city.

So we get a stream of letters veering off into another direction, unwarrantably accusing Bunsee of racism, and of course pouring out their usual venom and denials.

Bunsee is a well-known fighter for social justice on all fronts, regardless of race.

Is it not obvious that our institutions still have a long way to go in their transformations? Look at the situation in cricket and rugby, where the battle for transformation is ongoing.

Since Neil Veitch quotes Marx ("ANC the real target", Febuary 11) - it was Marx who said that a ruling class (in South Africa, whites) never gives up their privileges. …