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I JUST don't think the likes of cold-blooded murderers, especially child sex killers, should remain alive, even if it is in solitary confinement for the rest of their days.

Letting them live gives them the ultimate power and control over their victims and relatives.

I have never seen inside a prison, but can only go by what I read in the papers about criminals having luxury Christmas dinners and being involved in Christmas productions and having the latest gadgets in their cell. I think this is an outrage if it is true.

I would like the death penalty brought back, although I do understand that even when we had the death penalty, there were still people committing murder.

Should it be an eye for an eye or do you think the world would go blind?


. . .CAPITAL punishment brings up a lot of issues - wrongful execution, race, and executions being used for political means. There's no evidence that it is a deterrent.

Albert Pierrepoint, who was a prolific hangman before and after the war, was eventually against the death penalty.


. . .MUST admit that I'm all for capital punishment, as long as there is irrefutable evidence, and with the forensics available to law enforcement today, especially DNA evidence, it should be no problem.

So many of these repeat murderers just don't deserve to live, particularly those who assault young children resulting in their death.

However, with the PC lobby and civil liberties people in the UK, I have doubts that such a law would ever pass.


. . .DNA evidence is not irrefutable, though. It only shows someone may have been present. Or not, if the DNA evidence has been planted.

It's nothing to do with the PC lobby and civil liberties people - Britain is signed up to European protocols that outlaw the death penalty, and whenever attempts have been made to bring it back, the vote by MPs against it has been overwhelming.


. . . I'M all for capital punishment and have to agree with Larry that as long as there is irrefutable evidence supported with forensics, etc.

Agreeing with what BEG wrote, I've also read about how criminals lead comfortable lives inside prisons. …