The Gruesome Confession of Dying Librarian; Lorraine Jacob: Dumped in Alley 'Reclusive': Harvey Richardson Aged 36, Four Years before the 1970 Murder

Article excerpt

Byline: Liz Hull

TO his family and neighbours, pensioner Harvey Richardson was a truegentleman quietly living out his final years.

But after his death it emerged that the retired librarian had been harbouring asecret which could help crack a murder unsolved for 38 years.

Police are investigating claims that the 77-year-old was the killer of LorraineJacob, a 19-year-old mother of two, after decorators found a detailedconfession while renovating Richardson's terrace home.

Alongside the nine-page note was a folder of press cuttings relating to hermurder in 1970, as well as a Second World War gun and an item of clothing.

They are all being examined by forensic and handwriting experts.

Miss Jacob's body was found dumped in an alleyway in Liverpool city centre. Theunmarried mother, who had a baby son and daughter, had been battered andstrangled.

Despite repeated appeals and an extensive investigation, police failed to findher killer.

At the time Richardson, described by police as 'well-educated, but secretiveand reclusive', lived in the nearby district of Toxteth, where he worked in arestaurant.

The pensioner, who never married, had a passion for languages and studied for aGerman degree as a mature student between 1972 and 1975.

He taught himself Russian and loved reading. His home was crammed with hundredsof books, mainly on German and Nazi history and literature.

Richardson, who worked as a librarian in Manchester in the 1980s, had cancerwhen he died in a hospice on February 10.

The confession was found in a leather satchel on top of a wardrobe atRichardson's home, in Aspull, Wigan, where he lived for the last 14 years, bydecorators. …