Television: Love on the Rock Show; IT'S SEX, Exes and Rock 'N' Roll as the Makers of Footballers Wives and Bad Girls Turn the Spotlight on Telly Music Talent Shows in Rock Rivals on ITV on Wednesday. TV Writer MARION McMULLEN Finds out How Michelle Collins and Sean Gallagher Fared as the Backstabbing Judges Who Find Themselves Facing the Ex Factor as Their Marriage Spectacularly and Very Publicly Implodes

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MICHELLE COLLINS has traded in the strops and bitchy remains of EastEnders' Cindy Beale for big hair, designer clothes, killer heels, and fake tan to play Karina Faith.

She's a strong woman who means business, and Michelle used her own personal experience of talent shows and the music industry to bring the Rock Rival judge to life.

I LOVED Karina because she comes from a music background like I do. I was in a band called Mari Wilson and the Wilsations when I was about 19 and we spent 18 months touring the country. We also went on a talent show just like Rock Rivals called The David Essex Showcase that focused on British talent in the 80s. We got through to the finals but sadly didn't win. It was a fun time but we split up in 1982.

I'M guessing a lot of people who liked the fun and craziness of Footballers Wives and talent shows such as The X Factor or American Idol will enjoy this. It has something for everyone. An entertainment show within a drama - it's high octane, it's colourful, glamorous, funny, sad, and has great music.

We are not doing a spoof behind the scenes of a reality show, we are just making a fun drama out of an idea that just so happens to be a reality programme.

MINE and Sean's characters are both very stubborn and ambitious. We are quite like Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas in The War of the Roses, or Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd in Moonlighting.

We love each other but are always fighting which made it fun and interesting to play. I enjoyed slapping Sean around the face a few times and driving his character's beloved sports car into a swimming pool after Karina finds out about a fling he's been having.

We've worked together before in something called Ella and the Mothers and he cheated on my character in that too so I think this is my chance to get back at him.

KARINA is a big bold character and the nearest I have come to that sort of role is Cindy Beale. She is a woman that we all love to watch. I don't think Karina is a bitch, in fact I think a lot of people will feel sorry for her most of the time. She is very much in a man's world and becomes really assertive and empowered. One of the things Karina does to get back at Mal is set up her own company. She calls it Mad Cow Management, which is very appropriate really. She enjoys making Mal jealous and gets some new-found confidence back.

WE made Karina look sophisticated while still trying to keep elements of rock chick about her. There are lots of fitted suits and dresses, expensive jewellery, lots of fake tan and big hair. It was great fun playing a high-maintenance woman but the costume girls would go mad at me because I'd always forget about my fake tan and get it all over these fabulous clothes.

THERE are bound to be comparisons between my character and Sharon Osborne, although Karina really is fictional and nothing like her, I promise. …