One of Us

Article excerpt

I WAS born in Denmark, but decided about four decades ago to apply forBritish citizenship. I was sent a form to complete and was advised to see a JPwho would countersign my application.

We chatted for a while, after which the JP told me he was pleased that he neednot tell me to learn the language. He then went on to ask me who I could nameof the extended Royal Family, and how they were related to the Queen.

After that, we talked about the colonies and what had made Britain what it wasthen. The JP went on to say that I could continue with whatever faith Ibelonged to as long as there was nothing in that faith to give offence or thatwent against British laws or regulations. I should also make sure I brought upmy children to realise they were British.

There was a long pause, so I handed him my form, thinking we had finished. …