An Index to Labour/Le Travail, Volumes 43 and 44, 1999

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ACTIONS and defences See also Libel and slander Subhead Suits and claims under various subjects, e.g. Libel and slender--Suits tad claims

ADAMS, Mary Louise Trouble with normal: postwar youth and the making of heterosexuality: book review. Labour/Le Travail no 43 (spring '99): p244-6

ADMINISTRATION of justice. See Justice. Administration of

ALCOHOL consumption. See Alcohol drinking behaviour

ALCOHOL drinking behaviour History Managing the marginal: regulating and negotiating decency in Vancouver's beer parlours, 1925-1954; avec commaire en francais. Robert A. Campbell. bibliog. Labour / Le Travail no 44 (fall '99): p109-27,345-9

ALCOOL Droit Voir Liquor laws and regulations

ALCOOL, Consommation d' Voir Alcohol drinking behaviour Histoire Voir Alcohol drinking behaviour-History

AMERICAN authors. See Authors. American

AMIN, Samir Sectres of capitalism: a critique of current intellectural trends: book review. Labour / Le Travail no 44 (fall '99): p301-3

ANARCHISM and anarchists

All-American anarchist: Joseph A. Labadie and the labor movement: book review. Carlotta R. Anderson. Labour / Travail no 43 (spring '99): p270-2

Considering the third revolution: popular movements in the revolutionary era (Considering the third revolution): review article, J. Frank Harrison. Labour / Le Travail no 44 (fall '99): n239-44

Nationalism and the international Labour movement: the idea of the nation in socialist and anarchist theory: book review, Michael Forman. Labour / Le Travail no 43 (spring '99): p256-9 See also Socialism

ANDERSON, Carlotta R. All-American anarchist: Joseph A. Labardie and the labor movement: book review. Labour / Le Travail no 43 (spring '99): p270-2

ANDERSON, Kyrill M., jt. auth

Soviet world of American Communism; book review. Harvey Klehr and others. Labour / Le Travail no. 44 (fall '99): p272-4


ARGENTINA See also Labour unions--Political activities--Argentina Polities and government Peronism without Peron: unions, parties, and democracy in Argentina; book review. James W. McGuire. Labour/Le Travail no 43 (spring '99): p290-1

ART and polities Pistol packin' mama: Aunt Molly Jackson and the politics of folksong: book review. Shelly Romalis. Labour / Le Travail no 44 (fall '99): p262-5

ART and society Art and industrial society: the role of the Tomato Mechanic's Institute in the promotion of art, 1831-1883; avec sommaire en francais. Ellen L. Ramsay. il bibliog. Labour / Le Travail no 43 (spring '99): p71-103

ART and sociology. See Art and society

ART et societe. Voir Art and society

ASSOCIATIONS See also Labour--History--Associations

ATLESON, James B. Labor end the wartime state: labor relations and law during World War II; book review. Labour / Le Travail no 43 (spring '99); p277-9

AUTHORS, American Biography Jack London: a life; book review. Alex Kershaw. Labour/Le Travail no 43 (spring '99): p272-4

AZOULAY, Dan Keeping the dream alive: the survival of the Ontario CCF/NDP, 1950-1963; book review. Labour / Le Travail no 44 (fall '99): p250-2


BARGAINING. See Collective bargaining

BECKER, Jane S. Selling tradition: Appalachia and the construction of an American folk 1930-1940; book review. Labour / Le Travail no 44 (fall '99); p265-7

BENEFITS, Employee. See Non-wage payments

BIBLIOGRAPHY See also Labour-History-Bibliography

BIOGRAPHY See also Authors, American-Biography Politicians-Biography Singers-Biography

BLANE, David, editor Health and social organization: towards a health policy for the 21st century; book review. David Labour / Le Travail no 43 (Spring '99): p250-3

BLUE collar workers. …