National Research Council of the Philippines 75th Annual Meeting at the Historic Landmark Manila Hotel March 12, 2008

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THE National Research Council of the Philippine Islands was created on December 8, 1933, by virtue of Act No. 4120 of the Ninth Philippine Legislature. It was established to promote the advancement of science through researches that would build up a body of Filipino men and women devoted to scientific research. It was to convene regularly as an organization and formulate national plans to solve problems on health, sanitation, agriculture, industry, and others.

Its main purpose was to stimulate and support research work in the various fields of multi-disciplinary and humanistic sciences and their related applications. The Council envisioned the advancement of knowledge frontiers, concepts, design frameworks and technologies toward national development and progress.

It has a logo bounded in a circle with cool blue radiating borders embodying the scholastic mindset needed in research work. The 12 scalloped border represents NRCP and its twelve divisions.

A group of 114 prominent scientists and technologists were charter members of a corporate entity known as the National Research Council of the Philippine Islands. It was renamed the National Research Council of the Philippines after the country's independence in 1946.

During the 1982 reorganization under Executive Order No. 784, the Council was designated as a Sectoral Council engaged in supporting research of fundamental nature. …