Wall-to-Wall Sustainability Ups Green Credentials

Article excerpt

Xella claims to be the UK's first supplier of a totally sustainable product of its type - as the boards are not only made with 100 per cent recyclable products but any offcuts and waste from site may also be recycled back into building products.

The Fermacell gypsum-based dry wall partitioning manufacturer has teamed up with an independent waste management company specialising in the recycling of Fermacell and gypsum wastes.

The partnership provides customers with an on-site facility to segregate gypsum waste, collect the materials in bags, skips or roll-on-off containers, recycle them and provide a comprehensive audit trail and recycling report for each project.

Tim Deathridge, UK general manager of Xella, which has its UK head office in Sutton Coldfield, says: "We already had the most sustainable manufacturing process possible.

"Now, having embarked on this industry first by teaming up with Mid UK Recycling to deliver a unique service to our customers, we have taken an extremely important step forward in environmental terms.

"Building waste is the single biggest component of landfill, representing around 70 per cent of the total. Developments in recycling such as ours are vital if landfill reduction targets are to be met.

"We are proud to be leading the way and believe this move further reinforces our position at the forefront of environmental thinking in the building products industry.

"It puts us in a strong position to assist customers with their site management plan, which is a legal requirement from next year.

"Within the Xella Group, there is a clear focus on energy efficiency and the environmental aspects of manufacture.

"Fermacell's manufacturing techniques are unique with all by-products fed back into the process with no water wasted - making it a fully recyclable process."

Fermacell's simple homogenous composition of 80 per cent recycled gypsum and 20 per cent cellulose fibres from recycled papers - all formed into dense sheet material with recycled water and then cured - is giving the building and construction industry a high-performance, multi-purpose product with superb moisture resistance, excellent acoustic and impact resistance qualities. …