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Tourism chiefs are turning their attention to the movies and TV this year, recruiting everyone from James Bond to Dr Who. Travel Editor PAUL COLE reports from the British Travel Trade Fair at Birmingham's NEC.

THE name's Bond, James Bond. To celebrate the centenary of author Ian Fleming's birth, the Imperial War Museum London is producing the first major exhibition devoted to all things 007.

For Your Eyes Only will examine the fact and fiction behind the superspy who eliminated all manner of villains while on Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Featuring a wealth of material on display for the first time, the exhibition will look at both Fleming and Bond's careers, and reveal where they crossed paths.

The writer drew upon his own wartime exploits and work as a journalist to create the iconic secret agent, and the show asks just how many of Bond's adventures were imaginary, and how much real derring do.

Among the items on display will be the blood-spattered shirt worn by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale, Rosa Klebb's deadly shoes as seen in From Russia With Love and Halle Berry's bikini from Die Another Day.

There'll be Fleming's annotated Bond manuscripts and the author's own Colt Python .357 Magnum revolver. Wonder how 007 got that Walther PPK...?

The show runs from April 17 to March 1 next year, and is expected to be hugely popular, so plan your visit early Elsewhere, telly's favourite Time Lord Doctor Who will be bending the laws of space and time - by being in several places at once.

The biggest-ever official Doctor Who exhibition opens at London's Earls Court on March 20, packed with props from the BBC TV series.

Organisers promise all manner of memorabilia spanning the Time Lord's career, from life-sized Ice Warriors and Sea Devils to Cybermen and Daleks.

As the new series of Dr Who, starring David Tennant and Catherine Tate, screens next month, new items will be added, keeping the show bang up to date.

"Nearly 250,000 people visited the 2007 exhibition in Manchester," says marketing boss Lynne Marie Cox. "And that was just one-third the size of this one!"

It runs until September 18 but that doesn't stop sister shows slipping through the dimensional rift in Cardiff, Blackpool and at Lands End.

Meanwhile, on the Wirral, The Art Of Doctor Who reveals how an episode is created from script to screen, and is starring at Spaceport in Wallasey's Seacombe Ferry Terminal.

This lesser-known attraction really is on a different planet and has been hosting a Sci-Fi At The Movies exhibition, which culminates in a big Star Wars bash.

Over Saturday April 19 and Sunday April 20, there'll be visits from life-sized Stormtroopers and Clone Wars soldiers, as well as stars from the movies including Peter Mayhew, better known as Chewbacca.

Other costumed characters lurking in the wings will include Halo's Master Chief, Spider-Man, Batman, the Mighty Power Rangers and RoboCop.

In Liverpool, the 2008 European capital of culture, all you need is love. Hot on the heels of the opening of the Beatles-themed Hard Day's Night Hotel, there's suddenly even more Fab Four for your money.

The award-winning Beatles Story exhibition on the city's Albert Dock is doubling in size after acquiring the basement of the hotel next door. It's enabled owners to open up a whole new exhibition space, to be launched at Easter with a remarkable collection of photos taken on the group's first US tour. In addition, a retro-themed Starbucks coffee bar - the only one of its kind in the global chain - will be decked out in 1960s photos and art to add to the atmosphere.

Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water, watch out for Jaws!

Hull's remarkable underwater attraction The Deep - the most successful of all the Millennium projects - is getting ready to scare you silly - with lots of teeth. …