Our Children Are Gods, Legends and Great Lovers; Mum Draws Inspiration from Mythology and History

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Byline: Gareth Rogers and Laura Wright

CHOOSING the perfect name for your child is always a tough decision.

But one mother wanted more inspiration than most and instead of flicking through an A to Z of baby names Elaine Romaeo picked up books on history and mythology.

Her first son was named after the world's most famous lovers - Romeo Casanova Valentino Romaeo.

But it did not stop there and Romeo, 12, is big brother to Venus Valentine, 11, Angel Aphrodite, 10, Isis Ise, three, and Achilles Spartacus Mars, two, who were all named after Roman, Greek and Egyptian mythological characters.

The family, from Leck with Mews, Canton, Cardiff, will also be adding to their numbers in five weeks, when mum Elaine and dad Tony have their third son Caesar Augustus Constantine, named after a trio of Roman emperors.

Elaine said: "We knew we wanted to give our children unusual names from the start. My husband used to be a male stripper and his stage name was Romeo so we decided to call our first son after the three greatest lovers of the world.

"We have told the children what their names mean and why they were called what they were and they all love them.

"The reactions we had when we first named Romeo were funny.

People said 'you can't name him that' but we did and that was that and it all went on from there.

"They've all got a theme. There was a love theme to start with but it's been very difficult trying to name the last one. We wanted something with a meaning.

"We've got world history books and mythology books which I look through a lot, several times in fact, looking at the great things in history. …