Confusion over Safety Rules; RESEARCH: Electrical Installation Contractors Are Flouting Regulations, Says NICEIC

Article excerpt

Byline: By Staff Reporter

THREE years after the introduction of safety legislation designed to prevent dangerous electrical installations, a significant number of electricians remain confused about the regulations, or are deliberately flouting them.

Research carried out on behalf of NICEIC, the UK's electrical contracting regulatory body, found that the resulting confusion is putting consumer safety at risk, with unregistered electricians advertising their services to carry out potentially hazardous electrical work.

Designed to prevent fires, injury and death, the latest safety legislation known as Part P, severely restricts the work that can be carried out by unregistered electricians. They should not, for example, install new plug sockets in a kitchen or fit an electric shower in a bathroom, unless their work is inspected and certified by the Local Authority Building Control department.

Posing as potential customers, researchers contacted unregistered electricians advertising in newspaper and online ads. The vast majority, 98 per cent, said they would fit both an electric shower and/or plug sockets in the kitchen, with no mention of a subsequent inspection. Only one of the electricians contacted said he could not do either job as he was not registered with a government approved scheme such as NICEIC. …