Five-Star Indulgence; Dusit Hotel Nikko's Devarana Spa

Article excerpt

Byline: Lucci Coral

In the confines of Dusit Hotel Nikko in Makati City lies a haven of pampering which offers a heavenly atmosphere for a sublime experience.

The fantasy of a secret garden with the trickling sound of flowing water has become a reality in this place, which can place anyone's mind at ease. Growing up may numb the senses and stress may make us forget about the great things that we have once dreamed of, but allow yourself to experience bliss in the heavenly boundaries of Devarana Spa.

Devarana Spa sheds new light on the concept of pampering. In Sanskrit, Devarana literally means "garden in heaven," which was mentioned in an ancient Thai literature entitled "Tribhumphasnang." Obtaining the art of pampering from ancient times, Devarana tries to bring you back to what your mind used to fancy.

The Heavenly Garden

Just as lovers were able to escape the binds of cynicism and pragmatic ideas, Devarana Spa welcomes its guests to a new world. Entering its boundaries gives a treat with its bright interiors that reflect a soft glow in the faces of those in the area. Even the tiled glass on the floor is under lit in order to complete the ambiance. Rows of greens line its sides and underneath it, the sound of the flowing water gives a soft tickle to the ear and a sense of tranquility to the mind. White cloth is draped on posts of soft couches, adding to the flowing grace of the sanctum. Its glass walls also allow sunshine to enter the place while protecting guests from its heat.

Six rooms, carefully designed to bring the look of Thailand's Devarana Spa to the Philippines, await those who are ready to embark on this calming journey. Its wooden furnitures with unique patterns are imported from Thailand and are perfectly smoothened with uncompromising craftsmanship. Its interiors feature classic Thai designs with its 14th century Thai arches, opium beds, and flowing water. With a plush view of Dusit's posh pool area, the environment of Devarana Spa aims to bring its guests to a whole new world, away from the stresses of everyday life. …