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ABA Bank Marketing provides continuing education credit to members who hold the CFMP designation. The following quiz reflects the content of this magazine. The quiz has been pre-approved by the ICB for 1.0 hour of continuing education credit. The ABA Bank Marketing online continuing education quiz allows you to earn up to 10.0 hours of continuing education credit annually by passing the quizzes that are connected to each issue of ABA Bank Marketing. Each quiz will consist of 10 questions taken directly from the articles in each issue. To receive your 1.0 of CE credit, you must correctly answer seven out of the 10 questions.

To take the quiz, please go to and click on the Members Only button on the left-hand side of the page. After you log in, select "Continuing Education Online Quiz" from the "Member Services Options" menu. Once you have completed the quiz, you will receive immediate notification of the results, which can be printed and saved for your records. If you have any questions, contact ICB's Continuing Education Manager at

Marketing Committees: Let's Meet at 10

by Brenda Marlin, CFMP

1. People experienced in working with marketing committees suggest that committees work best when it:

[] Includes both employees and members of the board of directors.

[] Is not the final decision maker.

[] Confines itself to developing new products.

[] Meets only temporarily and disbands after a pre-arranged date.

2. Regardless of being permanent or temporary, all marketing committees need:

[] A nonmarketing chairman.

[] A membership including top management.

[] A membership that does not include an excessive number of operational people.

[] A clearly defined work goal.

3. By soliciting feedback on marketing from other departments, the marketing committee helps the marketer to:

[] Establish the credibility of the marketer and the marketing plan.

[] Forestall criticism of the marketing plan.

[] Control the direction of marketing.

[] Maintain the independence of marketing.

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

by Sheri Teodoru

4. When it comes to providing customer satisfaction, banks should always try to:

[] Optimize satisfaction within the limits of profitability. …