Dutch Muslims Show Tolerance to Islam Film; Iran, Pakistan, Indonesia Lodge Complaints

Article excerpt

Byline: Leander Schaerlaeckens, THE WASHINGTON TIMES

BRUSSELS - Dutch Muslims reacted calmly yesterday to an anti-Islam film released by a right-wing lawmaker, but governments from the Islamic world lodged protests.

No incidents connected to Geert Wilders' 16-minute film, "Fitna," were reported in the Netherlands where leaders said the film wasn't nearly as bad as expected.

Mr. Wilders even complimented the Dutch Muslims on their calm reaction. "Ode to the Muslims in the Netherlands," he told a Dutch television station.

The film, however, has caused Iran, Pakistan and Indonesia to officially condemn it. Iran has requested that the Netherlands and the European Union, both of whom have distanced themselves from Mr. Wilders and his film, remove it from the Web.

Meanwhile, the British Web site where the video was posted Thursday, www.liveleak.com, pulled the video late yesterday following what it called "threats to our staff of a very serious nature."

The film could still be watched on the YouTube site late yesterday. Mr. Wilders originally planned to post the film on his own Web site, but on Monday, its American host, Network Solutions, pulled the plug on the site.

A consortium of some 30 Jordanian newspapers, radio stations and Web sites have said they will take Mr. Wilders to court for insulting the Koran and will organize a boycott of Dutch products.

In Pakistan, hundreds of protesters took to the streets to demand the expulsion of the Dutch ambassador who had already been summoned by parliament, according to the Associated Press. Protesters held signs saying, "We hate the uncivilized West. …