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Byline: by Mike Harris

1 Rewrite soberly this 1950s anonymous/inebriated version of a well-known C19th poem: Starkle, starkle little, twink,/Who the hell you are, I think./ I'm not under the affluence of incohol,/ Like some tinkle peep I are.

2 Complete the titles of these movies directed by the late Anthony Minghella (1954-2008) C--d M------n, The E------ P------, The No 1 L----- D-------- A-----, The T------- M- R----- and T---- M---- D-----. 3 After which C19th English novel was the resort situated on the North Devon coast named and who was its author?

4 Reorder these champagne bottle names in order of their size from largest to smallest: Balthazar, Magnum, Melchior, Picolo and Rehoboam

5 Where in the US do Abraham, George, Theodore and Thomas exist cheek-by-jowl?

6 Identify the Hollywood megastar who, after a stroke and a mastectomy, wrote of a prized pillow embroidered with, Old Age Ain't No Place For Sissies.

7 The following paragraph contains the titles of ten Dylan Thomas short stories. Identify them. Patricia, Edith and Arnold went on a visit to grandpa's one warm Saturday with the peaches their father grew near where (the) Tawe flows into the sea. He told them a tale which he punctuated with his extraordinary little cough of the fight he'd had with Old Garbo, his neighbour. "We were just like little dogs and all I'd said was 'Let's go for a pint and who do you wish was with us?".

8 Which of these Welsh NT properties are castles and which, houses? Aberconwy, Chirk, Dinefwr, Llanerchaeron, Newton, Penrhyn, Plas Newydd and Skenfrith.

9 What was Lord Jim's surname in Joseph Conrad's (1857-1924) sea novel of the same name and published in 1900?

10 If a vowel is attached to a make of French brandy why are we then in a small, coastal C18th fort?


1 The lucid version of the poem by Jane Taylor (1809) goes, Twinkle, twinkle, little star. …