AGENDA: Blinkered Vision of the Extreme Devotees of Socialism

Article excerpt


I see Hazel Blears has been peddling her predictably brainless dogma again, this time about Birmingham philanthropist George Cadbury, whom she accuses of being motivated by "paternalism and the aggrandisement of the benefactor than real concerns for the residents" when he offered his workforce the delightful leafy suburb of Bournville, with its superbly designed and built houses, along with medical services, sports and social facilities and pension schemes.

Why is it that the extreme devotees of socialism, blinkered as they are by the need to humiliate the middleclasses, can see no higher expression of their ideals than soul-battering ugliness: dreary, stark, grey tower blocks; ugly concrete warrens to house the newly-created master class?

Of course, the true nature of this dogma of envy is embodied in Tessa Jowell's recent pronouncement that the Proms will have to change because the audience is predominantly white and middleclass and thus goes against the Government's aim for an "inclusive society," a society presumably built on aggressive, arrogant philistinism.

This is the Government, remember, whose favourite cultural pursuits include fawning over vacuous "celebrities" and caterwauling pop-stars at numerous glossy receptions at Number 10.

It is these left-over dinosaurs of Old Labour, elevated to Minister status by Gordon Brown, that have, in their crusade for "social inclusion," helped to reduce our education system to a laughing stock. …