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Byline: By Karen Bale

PARKINSON'S sufferer Margo MacDonald is to visit foreign suicide clinics to research ending her own life.

The Independent MSP last month told parliament she wants the right to kill herself if her condition worsens.

Now Margo, 64, plans to travel to Europe to visit euthanasia clinics.

Bosses at a Swiss clinic who offer self-help suicides for pounds 3000 have already offered to meet her.

Dignitas have helped around 700 people, including about 70 Brits, kill themselves using a lethal dose of drugs.

Margo wants to learn more about assisted suicide, to give her the option if her illness get worse.

And she hopes to gather more information to help her campaign for a change in the law.

Assisted suicide is illegal in Britain but allowed in countries such as Switzerland, Belgium and Holland.

Margo said: "It would be nice to think there was a wee insurance policy just in case things got too bad. …