2008 Congress of Cities to Offer Tools for Local Officials

Article excerpt

The question of who will be the next President of the United States will be settled by the time 2008 Congress of Cities and Exposition attendees make their way to Orlando, Fla., November 11-15.

And by then, say conference planners, attendees will have an even bigger question on their minds: "What will this change in national leadership mean for my community?"

Helping local officials and staff find answers to serious questions such as this, is one of the key priorities of the Congress of Cities.

"NLC's role is to anticipate the big questions, such as, 'What will this new President mean for my community?' and create programming that helps local officials and employees find their own answers," said NLC President Cynthia McCollum, councilmember, Madison, Ala.

Early bird registration is now available online for the 2008 Congress of Cities and Exposition at www.nlc.org. Early bird registrants benefit from a significant discount on registration and an early lead on requesting their top hotel choice.

Times of change bring great opportunities as well as great challenges, especially for local government representatives who, daily, see national issues played out in their communities. Working with limited resources and an abundance of creativity, local officials often find innovative solutions to these challenges.

Understanding that their colleagues could benefit from the hard-earned knowledge of their peers is one of the reasons the Congress of Cities was begun 85 years ago. …