From Where Does It All Come? the Inspirations of Steve Barton

Article excerpt


For Steve Barton, painting is a way of going back to a simpler time. The old quaint cottages, serene seascapes, and soothing Wavy flames that exemplify his artwork reflect Steve's appreciation of life's most peaceful moments. No brooding or melancholy scenes will be found in the Barton Collection. On the contrary--each of Steve's creations is an act of reverence and a celebration of life, and each tells its own story.

In 1992 Steve embarked upon a series of travels in a quest for new sights and inspiration. In his determination to find pristine, unspoiled landscapes, Steve's occasionally risky explorations were generously rewarded when he came upon the dramatic coastal scenes that are seen in his paintings today.

Steve is often asked if the scenes he paints are real or imaginary. "The places I paint have both real and imagined elements to them. I love to put things I've seen in my travels into a landscape they deserve--even an old shack can suddenly come back to life when it's placed in a tropical setting."

The Woody car that is included in a number of Barton paintings is a perfect example of Steve's creative infusion of real objects into his scenes of paradise. …