Social Studies Ideas and Opportunities for Teachers and Students

Article excerpt

From the British Columbia Social Studies Teachers Association web site [, these links have been selected to enhance and support the social studies and humanities--related curriculum as taught in British Columbia schools. Selection criteria for the links are detailed on the web site.

1. The Citizenship Handbook. What does it mean to be Canadian? This resource designed for new Canadian citizens provides information about our past, our government, and how Canada functions, index.html

2. E-STAT. An interactive tool about society and economy in Canada, and its flee to educational institutions. Very teacher-friendly. Check out the new stuff!

3. Exchanges Canada. Great site for opportunities allowing you and your students to connect and visit with students throughout Canada. Every Social Studies teacher should take their students somewhere in this great land. http://www.exchanges.gc.ea/about_Us.asp?Language=O&MenuID=1

4. Google Earth. This free resource is an amazing window to anywhere, allowing teachers and students to view high resolution aerial and satellite imagery, photos, terrain, roads and so much more. Everyone should play and learn at this site!

5. The Map Man does it again! Ken Williams and Nystrom are offering a great deal right now for schools. Purchase four globes, maps or class packs and the fifth one is FREE! Contact Ken at: 1-604-922-8409 or 1-800-461-6277. www.nystromnet.ea

6. Paralympic School Program. …