British Outweigh the Irish in the European Fat League

Article excerpt

Byline: Fiona MacRae

BRITONS are the fattest people in Europe according to vital statisticsreleased yesterday.

English and Scottish women head the league of shame, with almost six in tenoverweight or obese.

Men fare worse, with at least two-thirds too heavy for their heighta sobering statistic beaten only by Cyprus.

Irish people, despite the bulge in our incomes, are somewhat healthier in thelatest list of Euro fatties Our women are ninth heaviest, with 48.4 per centoverweight or obese, but Irish men are two notches closer to the top at seventhin the table with 66.4 per cent in need of a diet.

The league, compiled by the International Association for the Study of Obesity,rank the men and women of 29 European countries by weight.

Scotland tops the female league, with 59.7 per cent of women classed asoverweight or obese.England takes second place with 58 per cent, a figurematched by Cyprus. In contrast, just over 35 per cent of Italian women and 40per cent of French women are overweight or obese.

The thinnest women are found in Switzerland, where fewer than one in threeweighs too much.

The male league is topped by Cyprus, with a figure of 72.6 per cent.

Latvian men are the trimmest, with just 44. …