Land Registry Fraud Warning; LEGAL & FINANCE

Article excerpt

A leading property lawyer is warning that new proposals by the Land Registry could open the door to internet fraudsters Chris Bovey, property partner at MFG Solicitors, said the combination of new online access to documentation and proposed rule changes on liability at the Land Registry are likely to expose all those involved in property deals to greater risk from internet fraudsters.

Mr Bovey, said the online facilities, which are designed to ease access to mortgage deeds and titles, make it possible for individuals intent on fraud and forgery to break the law.

"Every firm has procedures to safeguard against fraud, but a Land Registry proposal would give it indemnity. In the event of fraud the Registry would turn to the parties responsible for the property-related transaction to carry the can."

The Land Registry is the government department responsible for registering land ownership in England and Wales. It maintains that the land registration rules, which cover many areas of law and practice, require it to ensure customers fulfil certain requirements to protect calls on the public purse. …