Son of 60s Guru Laing Found Dead after Wild Night That Went Wrong

Article excerpt

Byline: Michael Seamark

THE son of radical Sixties cult psychiatrist RD Laingwho controversially claimed that families are the cause of madnesshas been found dead in a tent on a tiny Mediterranean island.

An empty vodka bottle and a quantity of drugs were found at the feet of thebadly decomposed body of 40-year-old Adam Laing, whose father was a heavydrinker who regularly took LSD with his patients.

Spanish police have yet to establish the exact circumstances of Mr Laingsdeath, but his half-brother said yesterday his sibling had died after a wildnight gone wrong.

RD Laing achieved world-wide notoriety as a maverick psychiatrist whoenthusiastically extolled the therapeutic benefits of LSD and became an icon ofthe 1960s counter-culture movement.

The Glasgow-born doctor argued that insanity was a perfectly understandablereaction to the madness of society and famously linked psychosis to badparenting whilst fathering ten children with four different women.

His son Adam, whose mother was a German graphic designer, was found on Tuesdayon the island of Formentera off Ibiza.

His half-brother Adrian, a London barrister who wrote a biography of his fathertitled, R.D. Laing: A Life, said: It is a terrible shock to us all to find outAdam has died. …