Communication Experts Making PDFs Sexy; MEDIA & MARKETING

Article excerpt

A Redditch communications agency is working alongside software giant Adobe to develop techniques that hope to transform the way companies send marketing material and communicate internally.

The project by CW Corporate Communications is using Portable Document Formats (PDFs) to stream 'rich media' - such as music, videos and other audio and graphics - directly into e-mailable documents. By using PDF technology, the size of the file remains much smaller than embedding the media.

The "i-PDFs", created by CW's PDF specialist, Harry Hemus, could email a single document with the level of interaction normally only associated with a complete website.

Mr Hemus said: "Previously, if you wanted to send marketing material with 'rich media', you would need to do so through an internet site because embedding the video or audio in a PDF made the file so large it could not be emailed," explained Harry.

"But the downside to using websites is that you are limited by the available fonts and typography so design is compromised.

"Also lots of different windows keep popping up on your screen and the user experience can become over complicated and irritating.

"The advantages of PDFs are that they can be produced very quickly, with a fresh design for every publication, are easy and smooth to navigate and appear as a self contained document.

"Data from forms can even be collated."

After selling his own project management company in Cheltenham in 2006, Mr Hemus teamed up with CW Corporate Communications, at its Prospect Hill offices, in Redditch, to develop the technology. …