Determined to Tackle the Growing Internet Menace of E-Crime; the Wednesday Essay

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Byline: Detective Chief Superintendent Chris Corcoran

E-crime is an industry all of its own, fuelled by victims that are often unable to defend themselves against increasingly overwhelming attacks.

In all types of crime, criminals who believe they have hit upon a winning formula will seek to exploit it as far as possible. Nowhere else is this more true than with e-crime.

Yet measures to protect your business against e-crime are not as mysterious or complicated as many would have you believe.

Simple policies, procedures and processes are the best foundation for securing against these types of attack; steps very similar to those that already govern many other aspects of a typical business.

The fact that crime has found its way onto the internet should not be a shock to anyone, but what is concerning is a lack of awareness about what constitutes an e-crime, and what people should do to protect themselves and their businesses.

These symptoms seem to be the same the world over, but in Wales, at least, remedies are being developed.

The issue of e-crime is being taken very seriously in Wales, and businesses are fortunate enough to have a valuable resource to call upon for help and guidance in the form of E-Crime Wales.

This unique initiative unites the Welsh Assembly with the police forces across Wales and industry representatives from law enforcement, the banks and information security experts, to equip the business community with the information and tools needed to educate and protect themselves from the dangers that the e-crime landscape presents, as well as a central co-ordination point to report instances of e-crime.

Through the E-Crime Wales programme, Wales has taken the UK lead in fighting back against e-criminals that threaten to inflict major damage on businesses and the community.

The fourth annual E-Crime Wales Summit, part of the E-Crime Wales programme managed by the Welsh Assembly Government, returns to the Celtic Manor on June 11, directly before the eris@conference.

After the success of the 2007 event, it promises to deliver an even more exciting programme of informative and insightful keynote speakers, exhibition and workshops.

Through direct financial or intellectual property theft, disruption of communications or major damage to computer systems, e-crime is estimated to costWelsh businesses millions of pounds each year. …