'Strengthening Our Community, Building a Sustainable Future': Business Climate International Builds on Sydney APEC Leaders' Declaration on Climate Change, Energy Security and Clean Development

Article excerpt

When the leaders of some of the most powerful countries in the world met in Australia for APEC 2007 and issued the Sydney declaration on the environment (see right), titled 'Strengthening our community, building a sustainable future', Climate Change awareness group Business Climate International (BCI) was already well down the track in organising a major forum on the all-important topic.

To be held in Hong Kong later this year, the event, titled 'Asia-Pacific Climate Change and sustainability conference & inaugural awards', will provide a focus on the progress by nations since the UN Climate Conference in Bail.

Invited speakers include Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, world-renowned environmentalist Nobel Laureate Dr David Suzuki, GE chief executive Jeffrey Immelt, and UN Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon.

The agenda for the two-day conference will tackle issues including:

* Technologies and change what business is adopting and innovating for a more sustainable future

* Banking and finance services issues in a Climate Change world--how business and banking is adapting

* Business and people--how Climate Change and sustainability is reaching to business markets and what business is doing to empower human resources as an agent of change

* Regulation and business--where self regulation works and where it does not. What laws nations are introducing and how business needs to respond.

* Business leadership and change--who is leading constructively in this issue and how they see change and improvement in the next five years. …