Reach for the Stars; Employment FOCUS Celebrating the Achievements of Both Individuals and Learning Centres Are What the SQA's Star Awards Are All About

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WITH their annual awards, the SQA aim to recognise the achievements of learners and centres.

Now the Scottish Qualifications Authority are looking for nominations for the 2008 Star awards, due to be held in Glasgow in November.

SQA chief executive Janet Brown said: "Scottish education and training is full of inspirational stories and magnificent achievements from learners and centres. The Star awards are about rewarding and celebrating those achievements."

This year, the awards feature 12 categories, highlighting the achievements of both individuals who have completed SQA qualifications and centres (such as schools, colleges, training providers and employers) who deliver SQA qualifications to students and employees.

The categories celebrating the achievement of individuals are School, Colleges and Training Organisation Candidates of the Year; Lifelong Learning; Academic Excellence; Appointee of the Year; SQA Champion and Skills Competitor of the Year.

The last category is new and sponsored by the Scottish Government, on behalf of UK Skills, to recognise candidates who have developed their vocational qualifications to competitive levels.

For centres, the awards recognise Innovation, Lifelong Learning, Partnership and International.

Betty Short, who trained with MI Technologies in Linthouse, won the Training Organisation Candidate of the Year at the 2007 Awards. …