Gandhi Be Serious? Irishman Dermot Dresses as Indian Leader and Walks Thousands of Miles across U.S. with Message of Peace

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GANDHI has reappeared in America with his message of peace for the world - and he's Irish.

Dermot Butterly, 39, is on a mission to cross the US on foot dressed as the great Indian leader.

The musician, from Laytown, Co Meath, said yesterday: "Gandhi is a universal symbol of peace and I wanted to bring that back.

"Gandhi also said, 'We must be the change we wish to see in the world'. Those words inspired me to do something.

"Peace has got to come from within. Even just talking about peace helps create peace."

Dermot set off 28 days ago from the Self-Realisation Fellowship in Los Angeles, where some of Gandhi's ashes are kept.

Rising at 5am to avoid the midday sun, he walks 15 miles every day. He will have walked 3,000 miles and crossed 12 states by the time he arrives in Washington on November 5 - his 40th birthday and a day after the US presidential election.

Dermot is also raising funds for the people of Soro in Orissa, India. He said: "These people literally have nothing.

"We want to raise money to build a community centre and school to give them something. …