Good Planning Will Help Make Midlands Resilient to Economic Turbulence; RESEARCH

Article excerpt

Dr Bridgette Sulllivan-Taylor of Warwick Business School has been awarded funding for a three-year study to research the ability of organisations to deal with the threat of extreme events.

The project will build on her recent groundbreaking research examining the intricate inter-relationship between international tourism and terrorism, which has been used in workshops at 11 Downing Street and published in a Chatham House and Smith Institute publications.

The new research will work towards assisting Midlands businesses and institutions in preparing for disasters such as flooding, bird flu outbreaks and terrorist scares which bring the real possibility of disrupting supply networks, shutting down production and strangling transport networks.

The Midlands in particular has been hard hit in recent years by large scale flooding which affected more than 450 businesses and 184,000 households at an estimated cost of pounds 372 million. And businesses and institutions in the region are currently at a greater risk than ever before from the soaring cost of fuel and industrial action at home or abroad and cannot afford to be caught unprepared.

Dr Sulllivan-Taylor explained the aim of the study: "It is no use waiting until the water is lapping around your ankles or your fleet of vehicles has no fuel before your organisation decides to develop a plan.

The research project will seek to identify ways in which organisational resilience - in both the public and the private sectors - might be embedded and enhanced, not least through the transfer of best practice within and between sectors. …