Sex Doctor: Know Your Hormones; Issue of the Week

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Byline: Dr Catherine Hood

MORE than 3.5 million women in the UK take the combined oral contraceptive every day. But how much do you know about the pill you're taking? Research by Bayer Schering Pharma compared how much women know about their dietary intake with how much they know about their pill - and the results were very revealing. Whereas 96 per cent of women were very aware of the impact nutrition had on their body, only one in three knew about the impact the hormones in their pill made on their body. It's clear that women take the pill for granted and while it's encouraging to know that we're dedicated to healthy eating, we shouldn't ignore other substances that are put through the body.


THE combined pill contains two hormones that mimic the body's natural sex hormones, oestrogen and progesterone. They act on the body to stop ovulation - no eggs, no pregnancy. The pill is an extremely good contraceptive but the hormones can have major side-effects. …