The Chance of a Lifetime

Article excerpt

"The chance of a lifetime," is one of many phrases that one could use to describe the 2006 VAHPERD Convention. Why? This event gave students, as well as professionals, unique opportunities to: network with a variety of exemplary practitioners, make numerous presentations while gaining valuable public speaking experience: and gain immeasurable advice on his/her profession or intended profession.

This year, the VAHPERD Convention was held in Virginia Beach, Virginia at the Cavalier Hotel. The co-authors of this article were very pleased with the exciting activities that were available for each registrant.

This was a particularly gratifying and eye-opening convention for two-year VAHPERD member, and one of the co-authors of this article, Nina Stone, since this was the very first time that she had attended a VAHPERD Convention. It is certain that many of her fellow attendees from Virginia State University (VSU) and perhaps, peers from other colleges and universities continue to share her observations about this extraordinary convention.

This weekend conference began on Friday. November 3, 2006. Around noon, VSU's entourage of 12 students, all of whom were members of the Executive Board of their HPERD/Sport Management Majors Club (HSMMC), arrived geared-up and ready to network and represent their school. They were accompanied by their faculty advisor (and co-author of this article), Leon Wright Bey.

Presentations by student and faculty representatives from various schools and other presenters began early and continued throughout the evening. VSU students delivered a presentation entitled, "Empowering Competent, Caring, and Effective Student Leaders Through Authentic HPERD/Sport Management Majors Club Activities." Two days later (Sunday, November 5, 2006), a second group of VSU students presented "Networking Strategies to Secure Sport Management Internships and Manage Successful Sports Events" to workshop attendees.

Immediately following their presentations, students received much-appreciated recognition from members of the audience who congratulated them on how well they had represented their school. At the conclusion of each presentation, written evaluations and/or verbal feedback received from members of the audience indicated that the students had dome a marvelous job. Their performance was a reflection of the strong work ethic that they displayed during the many intense practice sessions that they had endured to prepare for each presentation.

Students were afforded many subsequent opportunities to initiate conversations and otherwise network with a variety of administrators and VAHPERD professionals, including, but not limited to. Dr. John Bennett, President--Elect of AAHPERD. …