The Revised Professional Standards for Australian Career Development Practitioners. Ensuring Quality of Career Development Practice and Services

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The Standards Committee was a project team established by CICA to review the 2006 publication, Professional Standards for Australian Career Practitioner and to promote and market the professional developments to all Australian stakeholders. The subcommittee was co-chaired by Peter McIlveen and Marijke Wright and members, Peter Carey, Bernadette Gigliotti, Mary McMahon and Pat Smith.

The professional standing of career development practitioners is steadily advancing as a result of a number of important milestones and developments in Australia. Recent projects, funded by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR), have addressed three major aspects of what could be regarded as a national career development system:

(a) Competencies framework--development of a consistent framework for career development competencies with The Australian Blueprint for Career Development;

(b) Processes and strategies--consistent and accessible online and face-to-face processes with my future and The Real Game series of programs; and

(c) Professionalism--with attention to consistency through: professional or associate practitioner standards; endorsement of appropriate practitioner education and training; and quality assurance guidelines for services and information.


Some significant milestones include:

* 1992 Founding of the Australian Journal of Career Development

* 2000 Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA) established

* 2001 Department of Education Science and Training (DEST) OECD Country Paper

* 2002 Watts & Bezanson OECD Country Note

* 2003 Development of Australian Blueprint for Career Development prototype (referred to as 'The Blueprint')

* 2004 Development and trial of the Australian versions of The Real Game series (Curriculum Corporation)

* 2005 Getting serious about careers: Leadership in career development--feasibility study into the establishment of an institute for leadership in career development (The Allen Consulting Group)

* 2006 Publication of the Professional Standards for Australian Career Development Practitioners (CICA)

* 2006 Australia--host to the third International Symposium on Career Development (Sydney)

* 2007 Certificate IV Career Development and development of supporting Resources

* 2007 Trial of the ABCD prototype (Miles Morgan)

* 2007 Developing the Guiding Principles for Career Development Services and Career Information Products (CICA & Miles Morgan)

* 2007 Implementation of professional standards for Australian career development practitioners (CICA), Revised Standards and CICA Policy statements to support the implementation of the Standards.

* 2007 National Career Development Week 2007 (CICA)--with ongoing support from DEEWR for National Career Development Weeks 2008, 2009 and 2010

Complexity in the workplace and its dynamic nature creates greater need for skilled citizens who demonstrate flexibility and an ability to make life and work transitions. In such an environment citizens at all ages and from diverse backgrounds are in greater need of career development competencies and transition support.

All Australians need to be assured that the support they receive from career development practitioners is of the highest ethical and professional standards. The work completed on the Standards as well as the newly developed policies and procedures statements and revised Standards will provide guidance and reassurance for citizens, organisations and employers. …