Small Heath Man Says His Alleged Al Qaida Bombs Were Fireworks

Article excerpt

Byline: By Ross McCarthy

A man accused of trying to construct bombs at his home in Birmingham told police he was attempting to make fireworks, a jury heard yesterday.

Hussan Tabbakh said he was carrying out experiments for "fun" and that what he was doing was not connected to terrorism.

It is alleged Syrian-born Tabbakh had the material at his home because he wanted to make bombs to be used in an al Qaidastyle jihad.

Max Hill, QC, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court, said police who stopped Tabbakh near his home last December found he had an mp3 player which contained speeches from terrorist leaders and jihadi chanting songs. When they searched his home, he said, they discovered in a cupboard in the hallway three plastic bottles containing chemicals as well as handwritten instructions about how the bottles were to be used.

Mr Hill said a memory stick with web links to computer sites showing terrorist attacks on coalition vehicle convoys was also recovered and that Tabbakh had been "caught in the act" of attempting to create improvised explosive devices. …