Fake Beard Hoax Bomber Gets Seven Years to Work on His Arabic

Article excerpt

A follower of Islamic militancy who wanted to be a terrorist was yesterday jailed for seven years after he left a hoax bomb on a bus and collected materials for explosive devices.

Nicholas Roddis, 23, of Rotherham, South Yorkshire, was given consecutive jail sentences at Leeds Crown Court of five years for engaging in the preparation of an act of terrorism, and two years for placing the hoax bomb on the bus with intent.

Roddis was charged after police found information about making an explosive device, chemicals, including acetone and hydrogen peroxide, fuse wire and nails at his home.

Sentencing him, Judge John Milford QC said: "You intended to make a bomb."

The three-week trial heard Roddis boarded the Maltby to Rotherham bus on May 8 last year wearing a false beard, and left the hoax bomb, which consisted of a bag of sugar, a clock and wires, in a plastic bag when he got off.

After passengers noticed the package, the bus and neighbouring houses were evacuated and an Army bomb disposal team blew up the device.

A note was found with the hoax bomb which said, in badly written Arabic: "There is no God but Allah. …