Cash Fund Launched for Investors May Be First of Its Kind in the UK; PERSONAL FINANCE

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Financial services company Edward Jones has launched a new cash product for investors it believes is unique in the UK.

The US company says its Premier Cash Fund Shares account is designed to offer investors a fair and competitive return and easy access to their money.

The fund, which entails a minimum investment of pounds 5,000, is professionally managed and buys short-term cash-orientated investments at the highest credit rating possible.

The return is distributed daily and investors qualify to receive the return on their entire Fund balance every day they are invested.

Other monies such as share dividends or interest payments can be transferred directly into the Fund where it can continue to grow until needed.

Cash in the fund can be accessed on any working day and be paid directly into a bank or building society account.

The Edward Jones Premier Cash Fund Shares has an Aaa/MR1+ rating from independent agency Moody's - the highest possible for a cash fund. …