Bertie Biopic Will Be a Tasty Taleof Two Miriams but Sadly,no Celia; Staying Schtoom: Cella Larkin

Article excerpt

ITS been billed as the documentary of the year a warts-and-all portrait of Bertie Ahern. The trouble is that only one of the two women who shared his life is willing to talk.

Despite her best efforts, Talk of the Town can reveal that Prime Times anchor, Miriam OCallaghan, has been unable to persuade Berties former partner Celia Larkin to open up on the 15-odd years they shared together.

Berties missus, Miriam Ahern was pleased to co-operate with the programme-makers, Miriam OCallaghan and her husband Steve Carson.

So we can expect the usual soft-soap job on our former Taoiseach how he was a doting father to Georgina and Cecelia, how the heavy political workload and serving his country just took its toll on poor old Bertie.

And how the ultra-loyal Miriam has no hard feelings.

Yes, we will hear all that, but word coming out from the set is that Mrs Ahern did let her guard down once though whether it was on purpose or by accident, only she could say.

Talk of the Town has learned that Miss OCallaghan and her husband were stopped in their tracks by a spellbinding revelation by Berties estranged wife. …