Bigger and Better Stormwater Best Management Practices Database

Article excerpt

A newly designed Web site now makes it much easier for stormwater professionals to evaluate best management practices (BMPs) to make sure that their creativity produces an effective and reliable system.

Improvements in the International Stormwater BMP database ( were recently unveiled by the Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF) and its partners. The database will better enable BMP searches, data collection and uploading, and access to BMP performance analyses.

Everyone from public officials and municipal stormwater managers to designers and researchers will discover significant enhancements. The following lists some of the improvements.

* More data--with the recent addition of 65 new BMP studies, the database now includes over 300 studies.

* New data analysis results--a new analysis of all the BMPs in the database identifies how different BMP types performed in removing a variety of pollutants; the performance descriptions can assess achievable effluent concentrations, assess effects of BMPs on total loadings, and identify the frequency of potential exceedances of water quality criteria or other targets.

* Web site upgrade--the new Web site provides ease of navigation based on the type of user, and data retrieval tools have been improved.

* Simplified data entry--new Excel-based data entry spreadsheets, a corresponding user's guide, and a data upload tool simplify data collection and entry from data providers.

* Additional data partners--the project is working with large data providers to "open the pipeline" of BMP study submissions; several large data providers are using or adapting the database as their data storage tool and are regularly providing information to the database (if you have data that you are interested in submitting, please contact Jane Clary at clary@wrightwater. …