The Young ONES; Visual Arts as Part of a Challenging Scheme, Nine Curators of the Future Are Organising a Major Exhibition for the First Time. Karen Price Finds out More

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AS the Oriel Davies Gallery in Newtown prepares to open its doors tomorrowfor another major exhibition, it is the curators of the project who will be in the spotlight.

For the exhibition, Me v U, is the third show to be staged at the gallery by the Young Curators Scheme.

Since March, nine young curators, under the guidance of artist Sean Edwards, have worked with staff at the gallery to organise this major show.

Working as a team, they have undertaken all aspects of the exhibition programme - selecting works, negotiating loans, gathering interpretation material, writing press releases and designing the catalogue and related material.

"It's quite a risky situation for the gallery to put itself in, handing over decisions like these to the participants," says gallery director Amanda Farr. "But that is what makes the project so exciting.

"Such a rare opportunity really builds confidence in the young people.

"They take full responsibility for the entire process. And though they gain valuable experience through working so closely with a professional art gallery, they give back far more, bringing new inspiration and energy, originality, optimism and clarity of vision to their exhibitions."

Me v U takes as its theme the issue of conflict, which the young curators believe to be so pertinent to our times.

To explore their ideas they have selected, interpreted and displayed works from Wolverhampton Art Gallery's Pop Art and Contemporary art collections.

The exhibition comprises a range of works that deal with the wide boundaries of what constitutes conflict in the 20thand 21st centuries.

Oriel Davies first launched its Young Curators Scheme as a pilot in 2005, having gained inspiration from Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery.

The show runs from tomorrow until October 4. If you would like to be involved with next year's Young Curators project contact Alex Boyd on 01686 625041 or email

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