Expanded Decorative Arts Pavilion, Sponsored by AmericanStyle

Article excerpt

Wendy Rosen, founder and president of the Rosen Group, publisher of AmericanStyle and NICHE magazines, says the Decorative Arts Pavilion at Artexpo will provide gallery owners much needed alternatives for expanding their businesses.

"The marketplace is going through such a transition right now, and more high-end, 2-D galleries are realizing how much space and lighting they have available for 3-D objects," Rosen says. "I think that the Decorative Arts Pavilion of Artexpo will definitely provide galleries with some new ideas to begin working with 3-D work, and it will provide them with a broader price point to work with and great opportunities for new display options."

AmericanStyle, the nation's premier art lifestyle magazine, reaches 6,200 newsstands throughout 26 countries. Its purpose is to help readers broaden their definition of art by combining art and travel and highlighting studios, shops and galleries in lesser-known locations. The Rosen Group also publishes NICHE magazine, a business-to-business publication that highlights retailing strategies for the art industry. …