City Image Outweighs Its Assets; Report Says Liverpool Is a Strong Brand IN ASSOCIATION WITH Rensburg Sheppards

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Byline: BY ALEX TURNER Daily Post Business Staff

LIVERPOOL has an international image that exceeds the reality of the facts on the ground, according to a report into the branding of European cities.

The 2008 European Capital of Culture was placed third out of 72 major European cities, behind only Berlin and Stockholm, for its brand utilisation - the measure of how well the city is selling itself compared with its actual assets.

Saffron Brand Consultants created a European City Brand Barometer based on the cities' asset strength - which measures how attractive the city is to potential visitors based on factors which include sightseeing and historical attractions, its shopping and restaurant offerings, and transport - against their image to find which cities were maximising their brand potential.

Its brand strength was assesed by how well people recognised photographs of the city, positive associations, media recognition and its impact in conversation.

Jeremy Hildreth, head of place branding at Saffron, said Liverpool, and the other cities that had stronger brands than assets, were "selling a story beyond an urban experience". …