A Blooming Lovely Career; Careers in Floristry If You Are Creative and Know a Little about Plants and Flowers, a Career as a Florist May Be the Pick of the Bunch for You. Michelle Rushton Turned over a New Leaf to Find out More in Association with Fish 4 Job

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Byline: Michelle Rushton

What does a career as a florist involve?

Florists use their creativity and knowledge of plants and flowers to design and make up flower arrangements, bouquets and wreaths.

They work with all kinds of flowers and display materials including cut flowers, pot plants, dried and artificial flowers, gifts and decorations.

As a florist you would assist customers to choose suitable flowers and plants for the particular occasion they require, make up bouquets and arrangements based on your own ideas, design books and your customers' requirements, prepare and wire flowers for formal displays, advise customers on how to look after the flowers or plants they buy and set up displays, for example at a conference or exhibitions.

If you run your own business, you would also need to keep accounts and carry out other administrative tasks, including man-management if you employ other people.

What personal skills do you need?

To become a florist you need to have creativity and artistic flair, an understanding of the properties and needs of different plants and flowers, the ability to explain your ideas to customers and good practical skills.

It is essential that you have a helpful, pleasant and tactful approach in order to deal with people from all walks of life, some of whom will be recently bereaved, plus the ability to handle money and work out costs and the skills necessary to work under pressure.

What training do you need? …