The Old Liver Bird Is Still Alive and Kicking; City Pride: Liverpool Tour Guide Philip Coppell

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I FIND it a bit rich of Edwina Currie, who left Liverpool 40 years ago, to give us the benefit of her advice about our city. Far from them fleeing the place, Liverpool retains a very high number of its university graduates, 25 per cent of them finding work here and establishing new businesses.

Liverpool offers a fantastic mix of affordable housing, great access to arts and culture and good connections to the rest of the country and Europe. John Lennon Airport is the fastest-growing airport in Europe and Liverpool is one of the busiest ports in Britain, trading with more than 100 countries.

In the Sixties, when dockers loaded most of the goods, 20,000 people worked in Liverpool docks. Since containerisation began in the Seventies, one container ship can carry what took six or seven ships, and these days only 800 people work in the docks. Despite this, the port now handles more tonnage than at any time in its history hardly 'in decline'.

It's 20 years since Militant held power in Liverpool. Blaming them for the city's condition is like Labour blaming Thatcher for all the country's ills; it's no longer relevant.

Edwina is wearing rose-tinted glasses when she talks of the majestic buildings of her youth. …