JACKIE OBAMA; Barack's Wife Has Same Style as Famous First Lady

Article excerpt

Byline: By Ros Wynne-Jones

POTENTIAL US first lady Michelle Robinson Obama looks to be styling herself as the new Jackie Kennedy.

The 43-year-old wife of the Democrat presidential hopeful is seen as Barack Obama's secret weapon in his battle for the White House.

And her appearance has drawn comparisons with the iconic wife of legendary president John F Kennedy.

One fashion pundit said: "Michelle has definitely been inspired by her.

"She had a look admired across the world, so who would blame her? Jackie's first lady style was all about matching colours, subtle accessories and keeping the look very demure and fashionable.

"Michelle knows if she follows those rules her outfits will never be revealing or loud enough to cause her husband embarrassment."

Mum-of-two Michelle was centre stage last night at the opening of the Democratic Convention, urging voters to back her husband in November's election and help make him the first black president of the US.

She gave the keynote speech in Denver, in front of more than 4000 delegates and an estimated 15,000 media representatives, which was broadcast live on prime-time TV.

But party insiders said she has the same coolness under pressure and intelligence which Jackie Kennedy became known for.

Harvard-trained lawyer Michelle has already proved herself a natural in the political spotlight and had crowds in stitches on the election trail. …