GOP Platform Retains Abortion-Ban Plank; Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage in 'Forward-Looking' Draft

Article excerpt

Byline: Ralph Z. Hallow, THE WASHINGTON TIMES

MINNEAPOLIS -- The Republican Party will maintain its call for a constitutional ban on abortion and opposition to same-sex marriage if its platform-writing committee approves a staff-written draft during its formal meetings here on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The 112-delegate platform committee met informally Monday night and were given copies of the draft. The committee is headed by Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California and Sen. Richard M. Burr of North Carolina.

Mr. McCarthy noted that the committee asked Americans nationwide to suggest ideas for inclusion at I'm confident that together, this committee will produce a forward-looking platform that all Republicans will enthusiastically support, he said.

Sen. John McCain, who is pro-life and has come to oppose amnesty for illegal immigrants, will run on the final version of the platform after his expected nomination and approval by the full Republican National Convention here next week.

The platform is about half the length of the current platform approved at the 2004 committee meeting in New York and then by the full Republican National Convention that renominated President Bush. …