Navigating Today's Challenging Economic Times: Sites That Address Gas Prices, Real Estate, Salaries ... and Something for Book Lovers

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U.S. and Canadian readers who are interested in researching local (or even not local) gas prices will find this site quite useful. GasBuddy brings together consumer-reported price information from almost 200 Web sites. Includes lots of charts and maps, including reports of historical data; lowest and highest prices by state, province, and city; and current averages. Price data, which are also available by mobile, text message, or e-mail, are removed after a few days to keep information on the site current. Weekly polls help you tap into the community of drivers ... find out how people choose their gas station, the effect of gas prices on travel plans, and what are the most popular solutions for lowering prices.



This U.S.-based real estate service helps the for-sale-by-owner (FSBO, hence, "Fizber") people connect with the world. Several packages are available to sellers, from a free basic plan to paid options that will add your home to the multiple listing service. Fizber uses Web 2.0 tools like YouTube, Google Maps, craigslist, to promote your property, but also provides access to real-world products like yard signs and brochures. The site also offers tips for sellers, and links to realtors, home stagers, and other service providers. A listing on Fizber will also get your property advertised on over 70 other sites, including Zillow, Google Base, and a variety of social bookmarking pages. Buyers can search for properties by ZIP code and several qualifiers, and access research on neighborhoods and cities, crime rates, and climate.

Although your first instinct might be to use as a salary benchmark resource for your own situation, it's actually also a compensation and workplace research tool . …